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Real Estate Services

Buying and Selling Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Seller's Agent: We provide sellers with complete service throughout the transaction. From the initial consultation, answering any questions, setting a competitive price for the real estate, listing, marketing and showing the property and negotiating with the buyer's agent on the seller's behalf acting as fiduciary.

Buyer's Agent: We help buyers find real estate in accordance with their individual needs, specifications, desired location and price point. After a buyer selects a property for purchase we negotiate price, terms and conditions, closing requirements and contingencies on the buyer's behalf acting as fiduciary. 

Obtaining Residential and Commercial Real Estate Financing

We can help assist you in procuring efficient and timely financing to close your real estate transaction.

Property Management

Our goal is managing, maintaining, and marketing real estate assets to maximize performance. Our strategy includes effective leasing and marketing of properties, diligent rent collection, maintenance and repair, accounting and reporting. 

Comparative Market Analysis and Broker's Price Opinion

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – Real estate agents perform a CMA when needing to come up with a listing price. This report contains information on recently sold homes, pending sales, active listings, cancelled, expired and withdrawn listings. The CMA is a qualitative comparison, where the home features are compared to each other. Although this is not the rule, dollar adjustments are rarely used. Agents look at the different types of listings and homes similar to the subject home then decide what they sold for, how long it took to sell and the difference between the sales price and the listing price. This information is used to determine a competitive list price for the home.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO) – The BPO is considered a formal more concise version of the CMA. In addition to homeowners ordering them, they can be ordered by a bank or lender to value a property that may be in the process of being foreclosed on. Like the CMA, the BPO provides information which allows the real estate agent to set a listing price. It‘s also used as a time and money saving alternative to the appraisal for the lender.

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